Gear and tech

Sound quality is our top priority. We aim to deliver top sound quality at every gig we do. Ed’s gear is of the highest quality, and if it’s good enough for an Ed concert, it’s good enough for us!

Starting with the microphones, we have two Sennheiser SXW2 e-865 condensers. These microphones are the same microphones that Ed uses on stage and they give him a signature, clear sound.

Ed uses a custom loop pedal, called The Chewie Monsta. We have a replica model which we call The Chewie Imposta. Just like Ed’s, it has 4 tracks, a start and stop button and an inbuilt TV screen to monitor what the loop station is doing. Check out the link above for more info on it.

We also use Sennheiser wireless guitar units to allow freedom of movement on stage. No wires to trip over!